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Our Story

In 1999, brothers Doug and Barry Knipp started Tri-State Food Systems with three KFC restaurants. Twenty years later the two brothers now proudly own and operate 23 restaurants and employ more than 500 people in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.

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Doug Knipp


Ext. 29

Cell: 606-923-9362

E-mail: dknipp@tristatekfc.com

Barry Knipp


Ext. 31

Cell: 606-923-9361

E-mail: bknipp@tristatekfc.com

Arguest Knipp

Human Resources

Ext. 34

Cell: 606-922-0755

E-mail: aknipp@tristatekfc.com

Alyssa Blevins

Accounts Payables/Receivables

Ext. 110

E-mail: ablevins@tristatekfc.com

Kim Phillips


Ext. 25

Cell: 606-547-8318

E-mail: kphillips@tristatekfc.com

Tanya Perdue


Ext. 107

Office: 606-324-5421

E-mail: tperdue@tristatekfc.com

Sandra Spradlin

Human Resources

Ext. 105

E-mail: cknipp@tristatekfc.com

Tanya Perdue

Admin/Accounting/Customer Service

Ext. 21

E-mail: tperdue@tristatekfc.com

Tonya Hicks

Area Coach

No Extension

Cell: 606-923-9342

E-mail: thicks@tristatekfc.com

Kia Reber

Area Coach

Cell: 606-465-3498

E-mail: kreber@tristatekfc.com

Amy Knipp

Director of Marketing

Ext. 104

E-mail: arknipp@tristatekfc.com

Abby Long


Ext. 110

E-mail: along@tristatekfc.com